Mayoral race: Candidates weigh in on traffic and transportation

What do the mayoral candidates think is the most urgent transportation need in Pasadena? When did they last ride a bike or walk more than two blocks? Seeking answers to these and a couple of other sustainability related questions, the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition (CSC) reached out to the candidates with a survey.

The responses, which the CSC has posted on its website, include the repair of sidewalks and the synchronizing of lights on thoroughfares (Jacque Robinson) as well as traffic calming and safer bicycle and pedestrian travel (Terry Tornek) as the most urgent transportation need. Regarding his preferred method of transportation, Jason Hardin said that he enjoys walking as a cardio workout and because it gives him the chance to better engage with the community. "It allows me to be more accessible to those I may not have the opportunity to cross paths with otherwise," he explained, "thus allowing me to strengthen my ties to the neighborhood and help more people."