Pasadena Water & Power holds $5,000 essay contest for high school seniors

Pasadena Water & Power (PWP) is holding an essay contest that will award $5,000 educational scholarships to two college-bound high school seniors in Pasadena. The essays must be 300-500 words long and speak to one of two proposed topics:

A:  California is currently experiencing a historic drought. What could Pasadena Water and Power do to teach students, residents and businesses how to use water more efficiently and sustainably? 

B:  Energy efficiency plays a large role in Pasadena Water & Power’s current and future energy plans. Please describe what Pasadena residents and businesses can do to use energy more efficiently and what PWP can do to encourage sustainable energy usage.

The guidelines for the contest state that PWP is "looking for a thoughtful and well written essay that demonstrates creativity and research on the topic of choice." The deadline for submissions is April 10, 2015. Awardees will be notified via email by April 30, 2015.

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