Candidates forum for mayoral race

Promising a unique format and no canned speeches, the Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association (DPNA) will host a Mayoral Candidates Forum. The event, which is scheduled for Wednesday evening, will include "activity stations" on topics such as Parklets and Placemaking, Connecting Pasadena, Complete Streets and Land Use Advocacy.

The six candidates for the race will be invited to visit the booths, to familiarize themselves with each exhibit's goals, and to then use that information as basis for their candidate statements and for the Q&A segment afterward. For their statements, the candidates will be asked to reflect on what they learned. Specifically, the DPNA will invite them to address questions like: "How do you respond to our Vision of Pasadena’s Future?" "Tell us who you talked with and what you learned?"

Elections for the position of Mayor of Pasadena — it will be the first such event in 16 years — will take place on March 10. Six candidates have qualified for the race. They include City Council members Terry Tornek of District 7 and Jacque Robinson of District 1.

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What: Mayoral Candidates Forum (Host: DPNA)
When: Wednesday, January 14, 6 p.m.
Where: Pasadena Presbyterian Church, 585 E Colorado Blvd (in the Gamble Lounge)